Fullfil Your Career

Career is not the only important thing in our life, but it’s a great motivator to experience life.

What we do

We provide employability screening and interview coaching for aspiring candidates. We do this by a highly professional, compassionate group of individual with the help of technology.

Employability Assessment

Our unique evaluation using K-SAP framework.

Interview Coaching

Interview coaching for candidates.

K-SAP Evaluation

Evaluates candidates’ employability on Knowledge, Skill, Ability and Personality.

Professional Interviews

Professional interviews and technical assessments of candidates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to explore the true potential and grow beyond limitations to fulfill their career life.


Services are available for Professional Candidates and College Students

Level 1

Assessment of knowledge of candidates on a particular technology or management area. Level 1 will be an online test to be performed by the candidate alone using the platform.

Level 2

In Level 2, live candidate interviews will be performed interviewer(s); audio/video will be captured during these sessions that will be used to analyze and judge the evaluations. Candidates’ communication skills are also assessed during this level.

Level 3

Level 3 is exactly like Level 2, except that the interview will be Domain/Industry focused and the objective is to identify the candidate’s domain expertise.

Product Details

Simple, intuitive experience with highly sophisticated technology engineering.

How It Works

Candidate submits for self-evaluation and interview coaching


Take tests and attend interviews

Evaluation Results and Review